The Shape of Yes

Catch the light

in a child's Yes;

touch the early

tone of agree.

The shape of Yes

is the voice of grace,

the resonance

of unity.

Its beauty breathes

along our lives,

smelling of morning,

leaving our hands

clean in the act

of diplomacy.

It moves in the soft

affirming hour -

a swathe of sounds,

a long stealth

of grace to weave

the winter's green

(the stems of hope)

through all this punctuating


to fashion a poem

of tongue and wing,

of poise and power.

Choose Yes.

For Yes is the cry

of the heart and not

the late consent

of submissiveness.

But what's this?

Without hurt

our colors run

together to bless,

together to win.

Their sweet release

is the light of assent,

is a mornning force....

Listen again.

The shape of Yes

is the foresmile of peace.

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