The UN commander in Bosnia, Lt. Gen. Michael Rose, said yesterday that the UN may resort to force in stopping the Bosnian Serb assault on the mainly Muslim enclave of Gorazde. Asked if the latest Serb offensive against Gorazde could bring about NATO airstrikes, General Rose said, ``Well, it may come to that.'' US Secretary of State Warren Christopher said yesterday that the US is prepared to provide air support. Early yesterday, Serb forces continued to press on the enclave from the south. The UN reported that hundreds of refugees were fleeing from at least four villages.

Nuclear weapons talks

A joint communique at the end of US Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott's visit to Pakistan yesterday offered hope that Pakistan and the US could strike a deal to halt Pakistan's nuclear weapons program in exchange for fighter jets. Mr. Talbot left Pakistan yesterday after a week-long sweep through India and Pakistan aimed at capping the nuclear programs of the uneasy neighbors.

Colombia treaty

In Colombia, some 430 Marxist guerrillas handed in their weapons and signed a peace treaty with the government. This development ended more than two decades of armed struggle and is inspiring fresh hopes of an end to the government's war against the rebels.

Burma constitution

A constitutional convention held by Burma's ruling military junta has adopted guidelines seen as intended to bar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi from politics. Burmese state radio said Saturday that the national convention had adjourned after setting constitutional guidelines on the name of the state, its leadership, and structure. The leadership clause barred the president of the country from having any foreign connections.

Mexico talks

Mexican indigenous rebels said Saturday a member of their clandestine leadership had been murdered by a landowner, creating a further obstacle to peace talks aimed at ending an uprising in the southern state of Chiapas, which started Jan. 1. Subcommander Marcos said political conditions did not exist at the moment for more peace talks, although he did not rule out their resumption.

Assassination in Egypt

Gunmen assassinated Egypt's top antiterrorism officer, Maj. Gen. Raouf Khayrat, in an attack in Cairo Saturday. The attack showed that Muslim extremists can strike at the heart of the government. They have fought for two years to topple Egypt's secular government and replace it with an Islamic one.

Trucking strike

Talks meant to temporarily settle contract disputes between the Teamsters Union and 18 of 22 trucking companies it is striking against broke down Saturday. The union said industry negotiators were under a gag order, but Trucking Management Inc., which negotiates for the industry, said the Teamsters should ``do the responsible thing'' and work toward agreement on a national contract.

Kurt Cobain, musician

Musician Kurt Cobain, 27-year-old lead singer for the band Nirvana, died Friday in an apparent suicide. His Seattle-based band was a creator of grunge rock, which has emerged as a powerful social force among teens and young adults.

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