USAir's Flight Attendants Face No Weight Standard

USAIR flight attendants no longer have to worry about losing their jobs just because they gain weight.

USAir agreed to eliminate its weight standards for three years to settle a suit filed in 1991 by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the airline and flight attendants union said Wednesday.

Under the agreement, flight attendants will be required to meet new performance standards to ensure that they are capable of performing their jobs instead of being held to an arbitrary weight standard, USAir spokeswoman Andrea Butler said. Immigration fraud charged

A HISPANIC leader's long battle with immigration officials has culminated in his indictment on allegations that he collected millions of dollars in a scheme to smuggle wealthy Asians into the US.

Jose Velez and three Taiwanese businessmen were accused of recruiting Hispanic and Taiwanese illegal aliens and bringing them to Las Vegas, Nev., - sometimes ``by busloads'' - to file false immigration applications. Applicants were allegedly charged $250 to $3,500, with one fee running at $45,000.

Since 1990, Mr. Velez has been president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, an advocacy group for Hispanics.

The alleged scheme revolved around a program in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which authorized aliens in continuous unlawful residence in the US since before Jan. 1, 1982, to file amnesty applications with the Immigration and Naturalization Service as a step to becoming legal US residents. Whitewater papers may go public

PRESIDENT Clinton's papers on the Whitewater Development Company may soon become public.

Mr. Clinton's lawyer sent the documents to the lawyer for James McDougal, who co-owned the real-estate venture with Clinton, the White House said Wednesday. The Clintons have not made public their records, but Mr. McDougal, who needed the papers to do his taxes, said last month he would make his public.

The documents, including Whitewater bank records, lot-sale escrow contracts, payment records, and corporate tax returns, have all been turned over to the special prosecutor investigating Whitewater, Robert Fiske. Mr. Fiske is probing Whitewater as part of an investigation into a failed Arkansas savings and loan, Madison Guaranty, which McDougal owned. He is examining whether Madison Guaranty money went to Clinton's 1984 gubernatorial campaign or was used to shore up Whitewater.

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