Rival Chocolate Chip Cookie `Choice'

Regarding the economy-page article ``Canadian Private Label Looks Upscale, Costs Less,'' April 1:

According to Information Resources Inc. data, our Chips Ahoy! brand had 10 percent of the Chicago market in 1993, versus 3 percent for President's Choice. Also, President's Choice is not cheaper. Our Chunky Chips Ahoy! suggested retail price is less per ounce than President's Choice Decadent Cholcolate Chip (18.7 versus 19.9 cents for President's Choice). Chunky Chips Ahoy! also has more chocolate and is baked with all butter.

Store brands can play an important role in a retailer's overall product mix. However, leading national brands such as Chips Ahoy! still offer the superior quality and value that a vast majority of shoppers demand. Mark L. Gutsche, Parsippany, N.J. Nabisco Foods Group

Scientific needs and `sheperding'

Thank you for putting on the front page the article ``Wanted for Deep-Sea Sound Test: Whale-Sized Earplugs,'' March 29. That some scientists would put great underwater species at risk through the propagation of an enormous ``noise'' in the ocean reflects the misunderstanding of what it means to be shepherds of this planet.

Even if this experiment could give us a definitive answer on global warming and a perfect way of measuring temperature change on our planet, it is not likely the only way to obtain this information.

Since we are the dominant species and have the capacity for discovering alternative ways of solving problems, we have a responsibility to find a way that will not cause injury to marine animals. Joel Barker, Lake Elmo, Minn.

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