Boston police chief apologizes for death of clergyman in raid

BOSTON Police Commissioner Paul Evans apologized for a bungled drug raid that led to the death of a retired minister.

But that might not be enough to satisfy the family of the Rev. Accelyne Williams, who had a heart attack after being handcuffed by officers raiding the wrong apartment Friday.

``The family is going to be looking for much more than an apology,'' said John Drewery, the family's lawyer.

A 13-member police SWAT team burst into Williams's second-floor apartment, even though they were looking for an apartment on the third floor of the building.

The victim's funeral service at Dorchester Temple Baptist Church was attended by Mayor Thomas Menino, who said later: ``We wanted to be out in the community and putting the healing process in place.''

The mayor backed the commissioner's decision to apologize to the victim's relatives, even though it could strip the city of any legal defense if a court suit was filed.

``He pledged when he was wrong, he will admit it,'' Mr. Menino said. ``That's the sign of a true leader.'' Quake bill rises

THE cost of the earthquake that hit southern California in mid-January keeps going up. An insurance-rating service says quake-related claims will total $4.9 billion dollars - twice the initial estimate. That would make the Northridge quake the industry's second-costliest disaster, still way behind Hurricane Andrew, which resulted in more than $15 billion in claims. Disney animal park?

LIVE gorillas and exotic animals may join Mickey Mouse and Goofy at Walt Disney World, which plans a fourth theme park by the end of the decade.

Disney has hired former San Diego Zoo chief Rick Barongi, but Disney spokeswoman Jane Adams would not confirm if he was hired specifically for the new park. Mr. Barongi is working on ``a number of animal-type projects,'' she said.

The new theme park would have an environmentalist feel, showing how careless logging can produce erosion and how rare species can be preserved through breeding, The Orlando Sentinel reported Saturday.

``We are on track, but no final decision has been reached yet,'' Ms. Adams said. She would not disclose other themes Disney is exploring for the new park, which would join the Magic Kingdom, the futuristic Epcot exhibition center, and MGM Studios.

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