Tourists can see `greener' White House

FROM now on, those touring the White House will not only be able to see the Lincoln Bedroom but also learn about the cost-effective, energy-saving lighting and heating technologies in the room. (Environment column, Page 17.)

This latest move is part of the ``Greening of the White House'' initiative to promote environmental responsibility by improving energy efficiency and waste control in America's ``symbolic home'' over the next six months. ``We want the White House to be a showcase for environmental technologies that are good investment for the pocketbook and the planet,'' said Cathy Zoi, chief of staff and deputy director of the Office on Environmental Policy. ``If we can accomplish things here in the White House, I don't see any excuse for the rest of America to follow the example.''

The new technologies, which will reap over 30 percent in energy savings in the next decade, range from energy-efficient light bulbs to a ``super-efficient'' refrigerator in the White House kitchen, Ms. Zoi said.

``For as long as I live in the White House, I want Americans to see it as a symbol not only of clean government, but also of a clean environment,'' President Clinton said last April.

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