New Study Casts Doubt on Global Warming

RESEARCH does not support concerns that the world is in imminent danger from global warming or ozone depletion, said a study released last week.

The study by Frederick Seitz, a former president of the National Academy of Sciences, said satellite data show insignificant temperature changes in the last 15 years, despite high levels of carbon dioxide emissions.

The study also said indications are that the lifetime of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is considered a major factor in global warming and the greenhouse effect, is closer to 10 years than the widely believed 50 years.

``This means that only a small fraction of the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide observed over the last 100 years can be from burning fossil fuels. The remainder must come from the natural change in the earth-ocean-atmosphere system,'' it said.

Mr. Seitz said the rise and fall in the earth's temperature over the last 100 years correlates with the sun's activity more than emissions from burning fossil fuels. The study also said the thinning layer of atmospheric ozone, which is particularly apparent over Antarctica in the spring, may have natural causes such as strong polar winds.

The study also said there are ways to store nuclear waste material ``with complete safety.''

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