Opening of Denver's New Airport Delayed

THE opening of the city's new airport will be delayed more than two months so its high-tech $186 million baggage system can be fixed, Mayor Wellington Webb said.

Also not working were TV screens that will show flight information and about 25 security doors. It was the third time the airport's opening was pushed back.

City officials and representatives from United and Continental airlines met privately for nearly 12 hours Feb. 28 and decided to reschedule the March 9 opening for May 15.

``Denver's future is tied to the success of this airport. As mayor of this city, I will not risk Denver's reputation on an inadequately tested baggage system,'' Webb said.

Tests of the system last week were plagued by power surges that tripped breakers on some of the system's 10,000 motors. More testing was planned for later this week.

Construction and training delays forced the airport's opening to be delayed on Halloween and on Dec. 19. Stapleton International Airport will continue operating until the new airport opens.

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