Doubts from Dole on Bosnia

TALK of sending United States ground troops to Bosnia isn't playing well in Peoria.

At a news conference in the Illinois city, Senate Republican Leader Bob Dole of Kansas and House Speaker Thomas Foley (D) of Washington urged President Clinton to consult Congress before committing US ground troops to any peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

Speaker Foley said Congress would be reluctant to put American soldiers at risk in support of any accord that appeared likely to break down, involving them in combat. Senator Dole added, ``It should be a peacekeeping force, not peacemaking.'' Both emphasized that before US ground troops are sent to Bosnia, President Clinton must get resolutions of support from Congress and convince the American public of the need. Frequent flyers rejoice

A NEW satellite-based system for airliners to find their way is off and running.

The Global Positioning System is now available for civilian use, David Hinson, head of the Federal Aviation Administration, announced Feb. 17. ``This is a very, very significant navigation event,'' Mr. Hinson told a news conference.

The system was developed by the Defense Department and was certified for military operations last Dec. 8. ``We expect American air carriers to begin to use this ... immediately,'' Hinson said.

In fact, Continental Airlines is already using the system at Aspen, Colo.

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