* Olympic visitors to Norway, one of the world's most expensive countries, will have to bite the bullet when it comes to paying for things. A large pepperoni pizza in Lillehammer costs $22, a single CD $27.

* Norway is about the size of New Mexico; its population of 4.2 million, about half that of New York City, is nearly equal to the Norwegian-American population in the United States.

* One of the most famous Norwegian athletes ever is figure skater Sonja Henie, who won a record three consecutive Olympic titles in 1928, '32, and '36. She is not universally revered in her homeland because of her post-Olympic Hollywood career and because she gave the Nazi salute as she took the ice at the 1936 Olympics in Germany.

* The rostrums used for the medals ceremonies in Lillehammer have been carved from glacial ice; the medals are granite rimmed with gold, silver, and bronze.

* Among the official Olympic products this time are goat cheese, pickled herring, and a cheese slicer.

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