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50 Years Later, Auschwitz Horrors Resurface

On the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, we hear everyone pledging that we must never forget the horrors of bigotry and oppression; that we are never going to let it happen again. And yet, you only have to look toward Bosnia to realize that it is already being repeated. To observe a moment of silence in memory of those who are no longer with us is understandable. But to stand silent, as the world's (and especially American) media stand on the carnage in Bosnia, is an insult not only to th ose who died at Auschwitz and to those dying in Bosnia, but also, most especially, to future generations who shall make us answer for our inactions just as we have had to make those who remained silent on Auschwitz answer for their inactions.

Adil Najam Cambridge, Mass.

The real voters demand small government

The headline on the article ''Why Budget Cuts for Public TV Roil Some Voters,'' Jan. 19, is misleading. The only ''voters'' quoted in the story are public TV employees. This is hardly a representative sample of ''voters.'' The real voters of America (including Alaska) voted for smaller government.

We, the real voters, cannot tolerate the level of government. Consolidating public TV would be a small price for a smaller, less intrusive federal government. If public TV in Alaska is consolidated, the only ''voters'' that will complain are the public TV employees quoted in the article.

Frank Bergren Anchorage, Alaska

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