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* BLINK - A musician regains her sight after 20 years of blindness, only to become the prey of a demented killer and the uneasy lover of a thick-skinned detective who's trying to catch the psychopath. Madeleine Stowe gives a lively performance as the heroine, and Aidan Quinn is more dynamic than usual as her boyfriend. But the story's surprises become more repetitious and preposterous by the minute, and there's no justification for its violence beyond the unpleasant jolt of seeing a young woman undergo a series of brutalizing perils. The screenplay by newcomer Dana Stevens was directed by Michael Apted, who continues to show more skill in documentaries like his celebrated ``7 Up'' series than in his fiction films. (Rated R)

* INTERSECTION - An architect wrestles with the temptation to leave his wife and daughter for a new life with a pretty journalist. The story is an old-fashioned love triangle, twisted into a tricky flashback structure that makes it quite absorbing for the first hour or so. After this, a few serious missteps - especially in the last couple of scenes - are likely to have audiences laughing in the wrong places. Richard Gere doesn't show much interest in his part, but Sharon Stone and Lolita Davidovich have some effective moments. Mark Rydell directed from a screenplay by David Rayfiel and Marshall Brickman; the luminous cinematography is by the great Vilmos Zsigmond. (Rated R)

* LUNA PARK - A young Russian man discovers for the first time that his long-unseen father is Jewish, and embarks on a difficult quest to find him. This ambitious drama reveals some harrowing details of social and psychological tension in Russia today, but the expressionistic visual style of director Pavel Lounguine overindulges the most heavy-handed tendencies of his previous movie, ``Taxi Blues.'' (Not rated)

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