Beatles Will Record Again, Magazine Says

THE three surviving Beatles will get together and record new songs for the first time since the band broke up in 1970, The New Yorker magazine reported this week.

Beatles fans can also look forward to the release of at least four compact discs of the group's old songs, some of them previously unreleased, The New Yorker said.

Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are planning their studio recording sessions as a video autobiography of the Beatles nears completion. The three Beatles recently gave lengthy interviews for ``The Beatles Anthology'' television series, to be shown worldwide in 1995.

McCartney, Harrison, and Starr will go into a studio next month to record new music, reporter Mark Hertsgaard wrote. No location was mentioned for the sessions. (The fourth Beatle, John Lennon, was shot to death in New York City in 1980 by a deranged fan.)

EMI Records, the Beatles' label, would not confirm or deny an imminent musical reunion or an album of new music. ``It's not inconceivable,'' spokesman David Hughes told Hertsgaard. ``But it's too early to know for sure.''

But in a statement issued Monday, Hughes said: ``They are closely involved in putting together the video and in working with [former Beatles producer] George Martin on the accompanying CDs. So you can make your own deduction from there.''

Also as part of the ``Anthology'' project, the former Beatles have decided to issue four to six compact discs of Beatles songs from their vaults at the Abbey Road Studios in London, Hertsgaard reported. He said there are more than 400 hours of Beatles recordings in the vaults, on tapes stored in cardboard boxes the size of large telephone books.

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