BOSNIANS MOVE INTO CROAT ENCLAVE Bosnian government forces sliced across the main road linking two ends of the vulnerable Croat enclave, Vitez, in a predawn assault yesterday that left at least three people dead and 15 wounded. (Bosnian and Croat leaders to meet, Page 18.) British UN soldiers and journalists evacuated dozens of civilians from buildings as Croat forces retaliated. With its new position, Muslim forces can now attack traffic between the two halves of the 65,000-person enclave, preventing Croats from moving equipment and soldiers between them. Vitez is located in the Lasva Valley. News reports earlier this month quoted Bosnian Vice President Ejup Ganic as saying that his government would take control of the valley in 1994, either by force or negotiations. Croats and Muslims were allies against Serb forces when fighting broke out in Bosnia in April 1992. But their alliance unraveled a year later over control of the 30 percent of Bosnia that the Serbs did not seize. US mulls role in Angola

A US congressional delegation said Saturday that the US might contribute money and possibly troops to a peacekeeping operation in Angola, presently Africa's bloodiest conflict. The US, which once armed UNITA against the formerly Soviet-backed government, has helped broker the latest round of peace talks, along with Russia and Portugal, Angola's former colonial ruler. Six weeks of bargaining before Christmas produced a draft cease-fire, but the resumed talks have been stymied by the political questions. Kerrigan to Olympics

Figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was named to the Olympic team Saturday, two days after an attack by an unidentified man left her injured and forced her to withdraw from the US Figure Skating Championships. The US Figure Skating Association's international committee named Ms. Kerrigan and Tonya Harding to the Olympic team after Ms. Harding skated to her second national championship on Saturday. Afghans flee Kabul

Tens of thousands of people fled Afghanistan's capital, Kabul, Saturday as warring Islamic factions observed a daylong cease-fire. Departing UN officials said the number of residents slogging through slush and snow leaving the city might total in the hundreds of thousands. The UN officials also were trying to arrange the evacuation of wounded after a week of brutal fighting. Latest Paramount wrangling

Entertainment company Viacom Inc., the owner of MTV, announced Friday it was merging with the Blockbuster video store chain and the combined entity would be bidding for control of Paramount Communications. Viacom and the home-shopping giant QVC Network are rivals in a bitter, four-month takeover battle for the movie studio Paramount. Puerto Rico oil spill

Hundreds of workers began pumping oil out of a barge that ran aground on Puerto Rico and broke open Friday, fouling beaches and leaving a nauseating odor in the heart of San Juan's tourist district. Twenty square miles of ocean and three miles of beach are sullied. With the tourism season at its peak, hoteliers rushed to placate inconvenienced vacationers. The US territory will sue the US firm it claims is responsible for the barge.

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