* Israeli soldiers killed a Norwegian soldier yesterday and wounded another serving with United Nations forces in southern Lebanon, said Tim Goksel, spokesman for the UN in Lebanon.

The Norwegians were on a foot patrol around 1 a.m. near the village of Al-Balat in Israel's self-declared buffer zone, Mr. Goksel said. They were asked by the Israelis if anything unusual was going on, and they replied no. Then the Israelis fired tank and mortar rounds at the UN forces, Goksel said.

Israeli officials said Israeli soldiers on patrol in the zone spotted the peacekeepers, but mistook them for guerrillas. Maj. Gen. Yitzhak Mordechai of Israel's northern command expressed regret over the incident and appointed a high-ranking officer to investigate it, the Army said.

The 5,400-strong UN force has lost 195 soldiers, including 20 Norwegians, since deploying in south Lebanon in 1978 after an Israeli incursion.

Israel and its Lebanese militia allies have controlled a strip of south Lebanon nine miles deep since 1985. Israel says the zone is necessary to curb cross-border attacks by Palestinian and pro-Iranian Hizbullah guerrillas.

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