* President Clinton raised some $2 million from Hollywood for the Democratic Party Saturday, then lectured on the need to reduce violence in TV shows and movies.

First, Mr. Clinton held a round table with business, civic, and government leaders, getting a stark assessment on California's economy.

Then, he went to a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Committee hosted by Creative Artists Agency. With tickets at $1,000 to $2,500, guests included Kevin Costner and Meryl Streep.

Clinton lamented the impact violence in movies and TV was having on the young and those isolated from society. He appealed to celebrities to do more to stress family values and give youths good role models. ``So what I ask you to do is join a partnership with me, not to stop entertaining or even titillating, not to stop frightening or thrilling the American public, but to examine together what you might do to simply face the realities that so many of our young people live with.

At the round table, Clinton was told that the government needs to do more for California. He said many initiatives are helping. But it will take time, he said at Rockwell International's Canoga Park Rockedyne Division, which manufactures space-shuttle engines.

At the session, Clinton:

* Announced that the Labor Department will unveil a $14 million program to help retrain workers at GTE, Westinghouse, Lockheed, General Motors, and McDonnell Douglas.

* Announced a $46.2 million grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Los Angeles to help revitalize public housing.

* Said he will announce a North American Free Trade Agreement initiative on programs to help American workers who might be displaced if jobs shift to Mexico.

* Promised to give thought to a proposal by Ms. Boxer that the $4 trillion in funds that private pension plans have on deposit with the government be tapped to help rebuild the nation's infrastructure.

He also went to a fund-raiser hosted by entertainment tycoon Marvin Davis, with guests paying $25,000 to $100,000 to attend.

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