1. How tall is Big Bird?

2. What's the address of the brownstone on Sesame Street?

3. Which American astronaut appeared on ``Sesame Street''?

4. Can you name three celebrities who have sung ``Put Down the Duckie''?

5. And whose rubber duckie is that?

6. What is Snuffleupagus's first name?

7. Who is the host of ``Monsterpiece Theatre''?

8. What Muppet's signature song is ``It's Not Easy Being Green''?

9. Which two cast members have been played by the same actors since ``Sesame Street'' started?

10. What is the Count's full name?

11. Where does Oscar live?

12. Which First Lady invited Big Bird to the annual White House Christmas party?

13. Who is the blonde-haired Muppet, with the dramatic flair and distinctive accent, who is modeled after a famous actress?

14. What is the name of Oscar the Grouch's girlfriend?

15. Who is the puppeteer inside Big Bird?

ANSWERS: 1. 8 ft., 2 in.; 2. 123; 3. Sally Ride; 4. John Candy, Paul Simon, Madeline Kahn, Danny DeVito, Rhea Pearlman, and the New York Giants; 5. Ernie; 6. Aloysius; 7. Alistair Cookie (a.k.a. Cookie Monster); 8. Kermit the Frog; 9. Bob and Susan; 10. Count von Count; 11. In a trash can; 12. Pat Nixon; 13. Meryl Sheep; 14. Grundgetta; 15. Caroll Spinney.

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