Fund Schools With Equitable Income Tax

Regarding the article ``Michigan Plan to Reform Schools Stirs Local Debate, National Interest,'' Oct. 8: It seems to me that something is drastically amiss as we plan our new tax systems. Michigan wants to replace the property tax with a sales tax to fund the schools, and the federal government is discussing a replacement of the income tax with consumption taxes.

It seems reasonable to want to be rid of the property tax, but a sales tax is even more regressive than the property tax. It's not fair that the poorest in the land give a greater percentage of what they have to fund government programs. Far more fair is an income tax that takes from all according to their ability to pay.

The country needs to start worrying about how to get education right rather than how to get it so comparatively cheaply. I believe people don't mind paying taxes, as long as they are levied fairly and spent on things that genuinely benefit the country, state, or locality. An equitable income tax is the answer. Hugh Foster, Manitowoc, Wis.

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