Motto Still Applies as West Point Changes

Regarding the Cover Story ``Fall of Berlin Wall Reverberates at West Point,'' Oct. 18: As a 1932 graduate of West Point, I am delighted to see how the Academy has adapted to our ever developing world and is even educating East European cadets.

The writer misses a very important point, though, in not mentioning the motto of West Point - ``Duty, Honor, Country.''

The spirit of that motto is ingrained in the thought of every cadet for four solid years, and continues to be a guide during the succeeding time of military service. The outlook which puts the country's interest and the welfare of one's troops ahead of one's own interests is what makes this spirit of the Corps of Cadets so valuable to the country and to mental and moral stability.

The integration and unity of the races, sexes, and cultural backgrounds of the Corps of Cadets is a living example of what can be done for our nation and for those of other countries who serve in the Corps. William Little, Alexandria, Va. US owes Palestinians more

Thank you for the Opinion page article ``US Should Increase Aid to Palestine,'' Oct. 8, which registers dismay at the paltry sum offered by the United States to aid the Palestinians as they try to rebuild their economy. The US is largely responsible for the deterioration, as the author ably points out. Her message is especially important because she speaks as a Jew. We cannot undo the past but we can at least help to build the future more justly. Hannah L. Schuller, Kennebunk, Maine

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