Gun control, NRA style

I have noted and appreciated Danziger's insight, but his cartoon that pictures a citizen, who is apparently about to be the victim of a drive-by shooting, shouting, ``Don't shoot! I'm the NRA! I'm on your side!,'' Sept. 28, was an affront to me personally and to millions of like-minded United States citizens.

I am a combat veteran of World War II and have completed more than 40 years in the volunteer fire department of my community. I am also a longtime member of the National Rifle Association.

Danziger today equated me and millions of law-abiding gun owners, NRA members or not, with the minority of our population who would use a gun or any other weapon in a vicious act of lawlessness. He is proclaiming that I and my fellow NRA members condone drive-by shootings and other senseless acts of violence. This is just one more bit of disinformation flooding the media at the behest of the antigun groups. J. Lynn, Camano Island, Wash.

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