France Today Not a Repeat of World War II

As a French foreign exchange student in America, I must respond to the article ``Anti-Foreign Measures Herald France's Retreat From the World,'' Sept. 29.

It is offensive that the author compares France today with France during the Nazi occupation. I am only 16, but I really feel bad about what happened during those years. The author is not implying that French people in general are more xenophobic but that they are racist. During the occupation, anti-Semitism was not xenophobia, it was one of the strongest forms of racism.

This is clearly not the France that I know. Lionel Gilot, Fayetteville, Ga. Kangaroo is not a dodo yet

Regarding the issue of legalizing the sale of kangaroo meat in Australia as reported in the Monitor: I lived on a Western Queensland cattle and sheep property for 52 years and have experienced droughts and seen pastures eaten out by plague numbers of kangaroos.

Before European settlement, kangaroo numbers in outback Queensland were much lower than today and only increased as settlers built watering points and improved pastures. No one, least of all primary producers, would wish to see kangaroos eradicated.

All shooters must be registered and licensed. Quotas on the number of kangaroos to be killed on a state basis are rigidly adhered to, and no professional shooter wastes expensive bullets on infant kangaroos that will not be accepted at any kangaroo works in Australia. Only adult kangaroos are harvested and are, I would venture to say, killed in just as humane a fashion as most of the fish and domestic animals that are slaughtered for human consumption throughout the world. Hon. N. J. Turner, Nambour, Australia Member for Nicklin Legislative Assembly, Queensland

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