Dedicated Employees Get the Mail Through

The problems you state in the Cover Story ``Postal Service Addresses its Future,'' Sept. 20, occur throughout the whole postal system.

As a former Postal Service employee at the Syracuse, New York General Mail Facility, I've known many managers who have attended various training classes over the years on different management styles in an attempt to change the management culture. But top management could not actively change its authoritarian style and support a new management culture. Thus all the expensive training became only interesting concepts that mid-level and line supervisors could not put into practice.

There are many exemplary employees who do outstanding jobs to process and deliver mail. The ``that's not my job'' attitude of some employees certainly does not help morale and impedes service. In the treatment of employees, the Postal Service needs to be more objective, more humane, more receptive to new ideas, and less militant and rigid.

The Postal Service has many challenges; it also has talented, creative, dedicated employees who are willing to go the extra mile to make the service the best. Jean K. Paige, Syracuse, N.Y. A compromise in Poland

Your recent article ``Former Communists Set to Regain Power in Polish Elections,'' Sept. 17, quotes the chairman of Poland's Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) as saying that his party seeks a compromise between the free market and workers' needs. Isn't this the crux of the problems in many of the formerly communist nations? One does not have to advocate communism to appreciate that there must be a fairer distribution of the profits made in any form of free market than we have yet seen in our modern society. Doris F. Sutter, San Rafael, Calif.

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