Super Special All-Star Comedy Hour (NBC, 10-11 p.m.): NBC is showcasing many of its recently visible comedians in a special hosted by Bill Cosby and taped before a live audience earlier this month. The show is designed to give viewers a comprehensive look at stand-up and other acts. Not surprisingly, many of the comics featured are in NBC series, but beyond that the network can rightly claim a rich tradition of launching memorable comedy talent, such as Sid Ceasar, Milton Berle, Johnny Carson, and performers from ``Saturday Night Live.''

This special offers John Mendoza (``The Second Half''), John Caponera and Drew Carey, Paul Reiser (``Mad About You''), Jerry Seinfeld (``Seinfeld''), The Mommies (Marilyn Kentz and Caryl Kristensen of ``The Mommies''), and Valerie Bertinelli (``Cafe Americain''). Branford Marsalis and the ``Tonight Show'' band provide the music.

Nightline (ABC, 11:35 p.m.-12:05 a.m.): Ted Koppel is the anchor of a serious-minded but sometimes harrowing two-part edition of this distinguished program, one that should not be viewed by children or by anyone else unprepared to encounter some of the grimmer realities of street life in America.

``Streetwise in Seattle'' deals with Erin Blackwell, a 24-year-old woman who has been living by herself on the street since she was 13. Ms. Blackwell was encountered in 1983 by Life magazine photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark and her filmmaker husband, Martin Bell. Blackwell became one of the Seattle street kids featured in his 1984 film ``Streetwise,'' and these kids later became the basis for the characters in the current feature film ``American Heart.'' In this documentary Ms. Blackwell talks with Ted Koppel about her life, the streets, and her friends, as video segments supplement the interview.

Part 2 airs Fri., Sept. 17, 11:35 p.m.-12:05 a.m. * FRIDAY

Viewer Call-in (C-Span, 8-8:45 a.m., E.T.): Journalists' Roundtable, with outside phone calls accepted.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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