Six Forest Hotspots Across Canada

* Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia

Provincial government compromise tries to satisfy logging and environmental interests by permitting logging of rain forests on two-thirds of Vancouver Island only.

* Lubicon Lake, Alberta

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars to subsidize a dozen new pulp mills and expansions, the province in the late 1980s issued permits to log 85,200 square miles - almost all of its productive forest. Called ``the great forest sell-off'' by critics, most deals were signed in 1988 without public hearings. Indians raided logging camps in November 1990.

* Wiggins Bay, Saskatchewan

The longest blockade in Canadian history (14 months) began in May 1992 when 31 Indians were arrested for blocking a logging road. Blockades continued as traditional lands were cut to supply mills owned by Millar-Western Inc. and NorSask Forest Products Ltd.

* Temagami, Ontario

Ontario's Premier, Bob Rae, was among those arrested during protests in 1989 over cutting Ontario's old-growth red and white pine forests. A tentative settlement was reached in August, though debate continues.

* Lac Barriere, Quebec

Logging road blockades and protests by Algonquin Indians in 1991 were followed by a pact with provincial and federal government. Blockades resumed in August 1992 after Indians claimed breach of the pact. In May, the province agreed to a short-term plan, which Indians accepted.

* Sheshashiu, Labrador

In September 1991, a dozen Inuit (Eskimo) families blockaded the construction of a logging road. There has been no road expansion in the area since that time.

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