Rebels Aggravate Sudan's Troubles

The Opinion page article ``S. Sudan's Cry For Help,'' Aug. 24, shows little appreciation for the political realities in Sudan. The author perpetuates the simplistic notion that the conflict is one of an aggressive Muslim north vs. a subjugated Christian, animist south. He also neglects to touch on the vicious internecine battles that go on between the various offshoots of the Sudan People's Liberation Army. The Monitor itself reported on April 14 that ``fighting among rival rebel groups, and not drought, is the main cause of the alarming levels of death and malnutrition in parts of Southern Sudan, according to officials of the United Nations World Food Programme....''

The Sudanese government has offered autonomy and possibly independence to the South, yet rebel factions are not willing to accept this compromise. Rather, they want to impose a secular regime over all Sudan. Ahmad AbulJobain, North Springfield, Va. Managing Editor Middle East Affairs Journal Good drawing, wrong person

Danziger's cartoon ``Bob Dole Mood Guide,'' Aug. 20, has it all wrong - his characterization is a year late and should have been of Bill Clinton and the Democratic Congress using these tactics to defeat then-President Bush. Remember their claim that the economy was the worst in 50 years and their refusal to consider any proposals by Mr. Bush to improve it?

Senator Dole is wrongly accused - he is only opposing bad policy. Betty T. Thompson, Manassas, Va.

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