China, India Agree to Cut Troop Strength Along Border

CHINA and India agreed Sept. 7 to cut troops along their 2,535-mile border in a significant breakthrough, but one that still does not resolve border disputes left open since a 1962 war.

The pact follows the de facto border, known as the line of actual control (LAC), which neither country recognizes. China claims some 35,000 square miles in India's northeastern Arunachal Pradesh. China also regards India's northern Sikkim state as disputed. India says Beijing occupies about 13,000 square miles in the Aksai Chin region of the northern Jammu and Kashmir state.

The statement said ``the extent, depth, and timing'' of troop reductions along the border would be ``worked out through mutual consultation.'' Seoul drops Roh probe

South Korea's anticorruption board on Sept. 7 accused former President Roh Tae Woo of breaking the law in refusing to assist inquiries into a jet deal but said it would take no action against him.

``Roh's refusal to answer our questions is against the law, but it is not proper to take any action against an ex-president,'' said a spokesman for the Board of Audit and Inspection.

The BAI, wrapping up a month-long probe into the selection of United States jets for South Korea's Air Force, said Mr. Roh's administration had failed to make a proper decision on the deal, but added investigations had so far failed to find any evidence of corruption involving Roh or his aides. Thousands welcome Marcos

Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, hailed as a god by his followers and vilified as a tyrant by others, returned home in a coffin Sept. 7 to a delirious welcome and a kiss from his sobbing widow, Imelda.

Marcos died in Hawaii in 1989, three years after a popular revolt ended his 20-year rule.

Several thousand villagers, many wearing shirts reading ``Welcome our hero'' and ``We love Marcos,'' waved paper flags, chanted ``Marcos again,'' and threw flowers after his plane landed at the northern Philippine provincial airport.

Despite the fervor of the welcome, the crowd of several thousand was a mere fraction of the 1 million mourners whom Marcos family spokesmen expected to greet the body.

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