House of Representatives (C-Span, beginning 10 a.m., E.T.): The channel's regular live coverage. * FRIDAY

Cheap Labor Day Marathon (Comedy Channel, beginning midnight): If you've heard and seen enough of high-priced talent lately - with David Letterman bowing on CBS and all that - how about a weekend series hosted by what this network calls ``the average Joe''?

It's a generic term for the women, men, kids, and groups Comedy Central crews traveled across the country to find. When located - in 37 cities from Buffalo, NY, to Spokane, Wash. - the people were asked what they wanted to see, and some were invited to go on camera to introduce shows and do announcements during breaks.

It's the third year the channel has pulled this interesting stunt, which gets its ``marathon'' title from the 72 hours the event lasts. This time, amateur hosts preside over programming that ranges from ``Mystery Theater 3000'' to ``Monty Python's Flying Circus'' to ``Earth Girls Are Easy.'' * SATURDAY

Woof Too! A Girl and Her Dog (The Disney Channel, 1:30-2:41 p.m.): A kid lives two lives - boy and dog - in this fantasy tale for young people, a sequel to the channel's ``Woof!'' which won an Emmy in 1992. The dog befriends Rachel, who moves in next door, and becomes her confidant (dogs do this so well). Trouble is, of course, when the dog becomes a boy, the latter knows all these secrets, too. A properly Disneyesque conclusion ties up all loose ends.

College football (NBC, 1:30-5 p.m., E.T.): It must be fall, what with high-pitched promos for new network series and the big chunks of network time given over to events like this one: Northwestern University's Wildcats facing the Notre Dame Fighting Irish at the latter's stadium in South Bend, Ind. Dick Enberg does the play-by-play, Bob Trumpy the analysis, and John Dockery is the sideline reporter.

Please check local listings for these programs.

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