Infinite Resources

SEVERAL years ago I was put in charge of a large land proj-ect. Because the lender's loan commitment would expire on a particular date, all the necessary parts and parcels had to be assembled within a certain time.

The completed project would bless over two hundred families. The obstacles to be overcome, however, seemed overwhelming: Several hundred signatures on various documents were needed from people scattered across the state, for example, and surveys and appraisals had to be made on short notice by agencies already swamped with prior commitments.

So before I even sat down to outline and organize all of the elements and factors involved, I prayed. I had learned through my study of Christian Science that man is--that I am--the expression of the one Mind, God. So, I reasoned, because I reflect Mind, which is all-knowing, I cannot be presented with a task for which there is no solution.

Referring to God as Soul, Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, assures us in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, "Soul has infinite resources with which to bless mankind, and happiness would be more readily attained and would be more secure in our keeping, if sought in Soul" (p. 60). It was wonderfully reassuring to be reminded that I had infinite resources--spir-itual resources--with which to complete this important project. I got right to work on the negotiations .

During the first two weeks all went well. The arrangements came together so naturally that it was hard to remember how impossible the task had seemed before I turned to God for direction and help. As I worked on the project I continued to pray, starting each day with a firm reminder to myself that there is only one Mind, God, and that this Mind is good alone. I knew I could rely on God to carry forward to completion any good purpose. As the book of Job in the Bible says of God: "He performeth the thing t hat is appointed for me" (23:14).

Then, however, a change in government regulations regarding the financing forced us to meet the deadline for completion of the project three weeks earlier! At first I was disheartened, and I could see how discouraged my co-workers were. But then I remembered the story of David and Goliath (see I Samuel, chap. 17). The Israelites must have been just about as discouraged as you can get--someone had to beat this giant in a fight or they'd all be slaves. But David wasn't afraid. In fact, he ran to meet Golia th! And he won! This strengthened my resolve to trust God. Soon I felt calm, though I didn't see a solution as yet.

That night as I quietly reached out to God and prayed, Mrs. Eddy's statement, quoted earlier, came back to me: "Soul has infinite resources . . . ." "Of course," I thought, "the resources are God's, not mine, and they are infinite because they are spiritual!" Surely God, the one Mind, included all information and expertise, and as God's spiritual idea I had recourse to this one Mind in any difficulty.

With that assurance I turned the entire matter over to God, confident that Mind, God, was in complete control. The following morning at work I started over from the beginning, making each call again, undaunted by the fact that it had taken two full weeks to reach all of the parties previously. I certainly saw the power of God in action that day. By midafternoon I had not only reached all parties concerned, but in a majority of cases the change of date was welcomed. The project was brought to a successful

conclusion and on time.

We all have the ability and expertise to meet and handle any situation when we look to the infinite resources of Mind, God.

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