US Jets Bomb Iraqi Missile Site In North

UNITED States jets bombed an Iraqi air defense battery yesterday after spotting the launch of an anti-aircraft missile, the Pentagon said.

The missile site near the northern city of Mosul was destroyed, US officials said.

At the Pentagon, Marine Lt. Col. Charles Boyd said US aircraft on patrol over northern Iraq spotted an SA-3 missile being launched at them from the missile site. Two F-16s dropped cluster bombs, and two F-15s that were not on the patrol attacked it with four laser-guided bombs. Egypt's most wanted

A man who died from injuries received in an assassination attempt on Egypt's interior minister Wednesday was a member of a revival of the Muslim militant group that assassinated President Sadat in 1981, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said yesterday.

Nazih Nushi Rashed was one of Egypt's most wanted militants. The ministry said he was trained in Afghanistan. Mr. Rashed was hit when the bomb exploded near Interior Minister Hassan al-Alfi's car, injuring a total of 16 people. Investigators said he was involved in the attack.

The attack was the first time that New Jihad has been clearly linked to an act of violence in Egypt. Militants have attacked Christians, tourists, and officials over the last 18 months in a campaign to turn Egypt into a purist Islamic state. More than 175 people have been killed.

But the movement claiming responsibility for most attacks has been Gamaa Islamiya (Islamic Group), a sister organization. New Jihad, which police say is led from Iran and Afghanistan, was founded more recently.

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