Knut Neversetter

YOU know that tin house standing down by Mahaffie's bridge? There was a young man lived down there, his name was Knut Neversetter. He had a snug little log cabin, he was a real nice fellow but crazy as a tick. It came into his head that what he wanted more than anything else was a tin house. The problem with that was that although he owned the house he didn't own the land it was sitting on, I guess that's called Squatter's Rights. He went to the county officials and asked them if he couldn't build anothe r house and they told him no, he couldn't, he'd better be content with the cabin he had.

Knut stewed about that quite a bit and then he went back to the officials and said, how about if he added on a room of tin to his cabin and again they said no, he couldn't do that either.

So he came back and he was miserable. You could see him there, sitting on his front stoop, whittling, and the summer was about gone and he hadn't got any wood brought in for winter.

Then he got another idea, he went back to those officials and he asked them if it would be all right if he simply covered the cabin he had with tin and they said sure, he could do that but he couldn't make it any bigger or add anything.

It was then that there was a big change in Knut Neversetter. He gave over his whittling and he was hauling tin around and whistling and working on his cabin, covering it top to bottom with tin. By the time the aspens dropped their leaves, Knut's cabin was finished and it gleamed and glittered in the sun as the snow started to pile up around it and that winter he kept himself warm burning the log cabin in the stove.

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