Bosnian Serbs Withdraw From Key Mountain

BOSNIAN Serb forces began withdrawing from strategic Mt. Igman, which overlooks Sarajevo, on Sunday evening, the Bosnian government-controlled radio reported.

In its mid-morning news bulletin yesterday, the radio quoted the Muslim-led Army defending the capital as saying "in the evening hours on Sunday combat stopped and the aggressor's materiel and men began withdrawing."

The radio quoted the Army press center as saying the Serb offensive had continued through Sunday as commanders of the opposing armies negotiated with the UN in Sarajevo on the terms of a handover of mountain positions captured by the Serbs last week.

Serb commander Gen. Ratko Mladic agreed to a phased withdrawal of his troops starting yesterday on condition that UN monitors, and not the Muslim-led Army, take their place. Mt. Igman controls the Muslim-led Army's only known supply route into and out of the capital.

The radio said Serb forces had set fire over the weekend to two hotels on Mt. Igman - a competition site for the 1984 Winter Olympics. US diplomat killed in Georgia

A United States diplomat was killed after nightfall Sunday when gunmen opened fire on his car at a village near the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, in the former Soviet Union.

Georgian leader Eduard Shevardnadze, announcing the killing in a radio address yesterday, said the attack could prove a need for "extraordinary measures" to secure order.

Interior Ministry officials said the diplomat, Fred Woodruff, was hit in the forehead by a single bullet as he sat in the passenger seat of a car driven by Mr. Shevardnadze's security chief, Eldar Guguladze. Mr. Guguladze escaped unhurt in the incident, which occurred at about 9.30 p.m. as the car headed back to Tbilisi.

A US Embassy spokesman described Woodruff as a regional affairs officer who had been due to return to the US in the next couple of days at the end of a temporary assignment.

Tbilisi has been the scene of many killings in recent months. While a civil war rages around Georgia's Black Sea province of Abkhazia, arms have fallen into the hands of numerous criminal gangs in the capital.

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