Bring Economic Creativity to Former Bases

The Wurtsmith Area Economic Adjustment Commission (WAEAC) notes with interest the Opinion page article "Military Base Closures Not Catastrophes," July 1. We strongly agree with the author's opinion that "an ability to adapt to the future is the key to successful base closing transition." With the deactivation of Wurtsmith Air Force Base, Oscoda, Mich., on June 30, this community closed a chapter in its history dating back to July 1923.

Oscoda is very sensitive about tying its future to another single reuser at the former air base. We are convinced that diversification of reuse will assure our continued economic health.

We would like to point out that the author did make an error in reporting that the WAEAC found no need to develop the airport portion of the base. While we are indeed pursuing the development of a retirement community for the 1,000-plus base homes, we are also pursuing the development of an industrial air park and the resulting employment opportunities.

On July 12, American International Airways Inc. signed a lease for several major facilities, including aircraft hangars, jet engine test and repair facilities, and other industrial facilities. We are proud to report that the Oscoda area is open for business. Carl B. Sachs, Oscoda, Mich. Executive Director, Wurtsmith Area Economic Adjustment Commission The fact that matters

Regarding the article "Clinton Would Reduce Logging in Northwest," July 2: The argument whether the job loss will affect 5,700 or 72,000 individuals seems pointless. The more important fact is that of the reduction in harvest. The reduction, which will be nearly 75 percent of the historic 1980s level of four billion board feet, is enough proof that this plan will severely affect the working forest communities from northern California to Washington. Todd Merritt, Rochester, Wash.

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