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In the editorial " `Greening' of Vermont," June 29: The author quotes Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, as saying, "The whole state of Vermont is under siege" from megamalls and chain discount stores that endanger "the area's beauty and serenity." Mr. Moe uses "the term `Sprawl Mart' to sum up his fears."

The fact is Wal-Mart has worked in conjunction with many communities to address local concerns and maintain the character of the town-communities like Lawrence, Kansas, where Wal-Mart just opened the first-of-its-kind environmental demonstration store to serve as a laboratory for the future design and construction of environmentally sensitive stores.

This type of cooperation between Wal-Mart and communities demonstrates, as the editorial proposed, "a legitimate way to help environmental and protection groups." Often the alarm-sounding that is recommended spreads misinformation.

Wal-Mart has demonstrated otherwise and has shown how cooperation between businesses, developers, and environmental groups can reach viable alternatives that benefit all groups. Don E. Shinkle, Bentonville, Ark. Vice President, Wal-Mart

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