EIGHT ARRESTED IN PLOT TO KILL OFFICIALS Eight men with Muslim extremists ties have been arrested on charges of plotting to kill the secretary-general of the United Nations, a US senator, and the president of Egypt, and to blow up major buildings and highway tunnels, police officials said Thursday. The bombing targets included two tunnels linking New York City to New Jersey, UN headquarters, and FBI headquarters in New York. Police said those arrested were followers of Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, an Egyptian cleric who calls for the overthrow of Egy pt's government from self-imposed exile in New Jersey. Other followers of Sheikh Rahman were arrested in the Feb. 26 bombing of the World Trade Center. Kurdish attacks in Europe

Militant Kurds attacked Turkish embassies, consulates, and businesses in five European countries yesterday, taking hostages and staging violent protests in a coordinated series of actions.

The militants demanding an end to Turkish military campaigns against Kurdish separatists staged attacks in Germany, Switzerland, France, Sweden, and Denmark. At least one protestor died.

Kurdish militants have long fought for independence for the Kurdish region in southeastern Turkey. Talks on Bosnia proposal

Proposed map lines remain vague, and Bosnia's Muslim-led government remains officially opposed. Yet the Croat-Serb proposal that Bosnia become a confederation of three ethnic mini-states seems to be slowly gaining ground.

Seven members of Bosnia's collective presidency attended talks in Geneva June 23 and 24, and intend to meet with European Community leaders in Brussels Saturday. EC and UN mediators say they were disappointed with some of the proposals and by the vagueness of proposed borders.

Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic says Muslims would get the wealthiest part of the country and should grab what he called their "last chance" for a reasonable peace settlement. UN economy survey

The United Nations predicted yesterday that the global economy would stay in a slump, marked by stagnation in the United States and other wealthy nations, a decline in Eastern Europe, but startling growth in China. The survey forecast that worldwide growth would rise by only 1.5 percent this year and 3 percent in 1994, with oil prices expected to remain at an average of $18 a barrel in 1993. German court ruling

Germany's high court in the southwestern town of Karlsruhe ruled Wednesday that the government need not meet a demand from the opposition Social Democrats to withdraw almost 300 troops already sent to Somalia.

The government, trying to give Germany a bigger role in international peacekeeping, would only be allowed to send the rest of its 1,700-strong contingent due in Somalia by mid-August "insofar as parliament decides this." Supreme Court decisions

Prosecutors may be forced to pay monetary damages for the actions they took while investigating a crime, the Supreme Court ruled yesterday. In a separate vote in the same case, the court ruled unanimously that prosecutors also do not have absolute legal immunity for their ouit-of-court statements, such as those at news conferences, about grand jury indictments.

In another decision, the Supreme Court ruled that states may make it easier to commit mentally retarded people to state facilities against their will than it is to commit the mentally ill. The court said the Constitution does not require the same standards for the retarded and the mentally ill in involuntary commitment proceedings. Boston TV station sold

Boston University announced Wednesday that it purchased Boston television station WQTV from The First Church of Christ, Scientist, for $3.8 million. The station will "give outstandingly qualified students ... increased opportunities for internships in one of the nation's leading broadcast markets," said BU president John Silber in a statement. The Christian Science Church originally purchased the TV station for $7.5 million in 1986.

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