* In 1960s, an International Association of Chiefs of Police report calls for more motorized patrols, smaller force after CBS films Boston police involved in bookie operation.

* Recommendations are largely ignored until Mayor Kevin White in 1970s closes some substations, moves toward a 911, centralized approach. Police union gains clout, its relationship with management worsens.

* Relations between Mayor Raymond Flynn and former Police Commissioner Joseph Jordan are poor in 1984. The force suffers from excess overtime, a weak command structure, stalled promotions due to unresolved equal-opportunity issues.

* Mr. Flynn names Francis Roache police commissioner in early 1985.

* Carol Stuart murder in late 1989 gains widespread attention. Racial tensions are heightened, department faulted for its probe, in which innocent black man is targeted, witnesses allegedly threatened by police.

* St. Clair Commission report, calling for Mr. Roache's ouster, goes public in early 1992. City is quiet after Rodney King trial. Thirteen officers are permanently barred from using excessive force or failing to report its use.

* Flynn, Roache criticized for South Boston High School racial brawl last month; force has 23 fewer officers than in 1987, 112 more minorities.

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