SERB FORCES ATTACK `SAFE AREAS' Bosnian Serb forces reportedly shelled 2 of 6 "safe areas" for Muslims, while the Bosnian Serb commander, Gen. Ratko Mladic, yesterday again thwarted United Nations efforts to reach one of them. Gorazde and Srebrenica, Muslim enclaves in eastern Bosnia, came under Serb attack over the weekend. Gorazde, which is blocked off, was being shelled again yesterday for a 12th consecutive day. Mr. Mladic has been unavailable for negotiations since Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic tentatively promised last week t o allow UN military observers into Gorazde. The attacks in Gorazde killed six civilians and wounded 26 on Sunday. In Srebrenica, five children were wounded Saturday and another three villages in the enclave were shelled Sunday. German violence

Four teenage Turks were arrested yesterday for trying to set a Christian Social Union office in Bavaria on fire. Meanwhile, arsonists attacked two more homes where foreigners live in North Rhine-Westphalia, the same state where arson killed five Turks in Solingen 10 days ago. The federal prosecutor's office said a membership card of a soldier in the far-right party German People's Union was found in the apartment of 1 of 4 suspects in the Solingen incident. But the prosecutor said officials have no evide nce that the arson was organized by right-wing extremists. Italian elections

In the first big test of voter sentiment following a year of scandals, Italians punished the major parties in nationwide mayoral races. Exit polls showed that voters were keeping to the pattern set by 1992 parliamentary elections and local elections since: casting ballots against the Christian Democrats and their Socialist allies. Winners in Sunday's vote appeared to be the anti-Mafia party, La Rete, and the Northern League. Among the traditional parties, only the former Communists held their own. Azerbaijan cities seized

A rebel army commander, Suret Guseinov, has seized the Azerbaijan cities of Gyandzha and Lenkoran, and his uprising against the Baku government was spreading. The Tass news agency said 60 people were killed in Gyandzha in weekend clashes between security forces and armed groups loyal to Mr. Guseinov; Interfax put the casualty figure at 10. Reports said Guseinov, who was sacked after Azerbaijani defeats in fighting with Armenia, was holding hostage four government officials. Bangladesh president

A court yesterday sentenced deposed President Hussain Mohammad Ershad to seven years in prison for selling government-owned land at a discounted price to a firm owned by his wife. Yesterday's sentence is added to a 13-year term he is currently serving for abuse of power and corruption. Latvia reformers

Moderate pro-reform parties made a strong showing in Latvia's first parliamentary elections since the former Soviet republic won independence from Moscow, the Election Commission said yesterday. The mildly nationalistic Latvian Way Party won 32 percent of the votes cast, according to preliminary results. In second was the right-wing Latvian National Independence Party, with 13.1 percent. Ninety percent of Latvia's 1.2 million eligible voters cast ballots on Saturday and Sunday. Canadian resignation

Canada's Deputy Prime Minister Don Mazankowski announced his intention to resign from politics yesterday. Mr. Mazankowski is also finance minister. There are now eight senior ministers in Prime Minister Brian Mulroney's government who have announced they will not seek reelection. Supreme Court action

The US high court ruled yesterday that:

* Religious groups must be allowed to use public schools after hours if nonreligious groups are given such permission.

* Some national banks may continue to sell insurance.

* Students may be permitted to lead prayers at public-school graduation ceremonies in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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