Feb. 15: Catherine Cornelius, a distant Clinton cousin, prepares memo proposing replacing travel office employees with Clinton campaign aides. Then, she gets job in office.

May 10: Clinton friend Harry Thomason complains about travel office.

May 14: Administration initiates outside audit of travel office.

May 19: White House fires seven staff members in travel office, citing "gross financial mismanagement." Ms. Cornelius is put in charge of office.

May 20: White House denies Thomason role in firing of travel staff.

May 21: White House drops Cornelius's company as temporary travel coordinator, but Cornelius remains in office. White House releases FBI statement saying "criminal investigation is warranted."

May 24: White House acknowledges contacts with FBI. Attorney General Janet Reno complains she was bypassed.

May 25: White House reinstates five of seven travel-office workers. Clinton denies involvement in the firings.

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