Inside the KGB (NBC, 8-10 p.m.): Old secret police agencies never die, they just become fodder for American TV's apparently inexhaustible appetite for documentary exposes and reality-based programs. This one represents the first time American cameras have taken a look inside the headquarters of the former USSR's powerful, dreaded spy agency. You'll hear of KGB plans to infiltrate the Manhattan Project (during World War II, a time the Soviets were being touted as our allies), see files on Adolf Hitler and

Lee Harvey Oswald (including an analysis of the latter's marksmanship), and learn other new facts. The program, filmed on location in Europe and Russia, shows viewers the heavily protected KGB training center and some advanced surveillance devices and weapons. Russian President Boris Yeltsin and former KGB leaders are interviewed for the show, and the host is James Coburn - chosen, presumably, because he's acted (and well) in several espionage films. * WEDNESDAY

Daytime Emmys (ABC, 9-11 p.m., E.T.): They may be a daytime phenomenon, but when soap operas want to get your attention, they go prime time - as with this 20th edition of the annual awards telecast, to be aired live. Lucci and Walt Willey, stars of the hugely popular "All My Children" on ABC, are cohosts, but lots of other celebrities will be on hand during the ceremonies as presenters. One is Phil Donahue, who has garnered 19 daytime Emmys over the decades and is marking 25 years as the granddaddy of th is not-always-admirable genre. Most of the presenters are soap stars, selected more or less even-handedly from the spectrum of well-known "daytime dramas." Yet it's not all soaps and talk shows. Another category is children's programming, and one of the presenters is Barney - the purple, six-foot Jurassic star (and merchandizing miracle) of PBS's popular "Barney and Friends."

Please check local listings for all programs.

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