Live War Mines Around the World

There may be more than 100 million uncleared mines in the world, British and US militaries estimate up to 200 million. Some of the countries affected include:

* AFGHANISTAN: A program to clear approximately 10 million mines was started in 1989; by the end of 1992 only 68 square kilometers had been cleared; 19 removal team members were killed and 62 wounded.

* ANGOLA: In Lunda Sul province, 30 major bridges and 58 secondary bridges are down and cannot be repaired until surrounding minefields are cleared.

* CAMBODIA: to clear some 4.5 million mines at a cost of $1,000 each, it will take the equivalent of more than three years of the country's entire GDP.

* FALKLANDS-MALVINAS: Mine clearance from the war that lasted only two months has been so difficult that it had to be abandoned.

* NICARAGUA: An official count shows one mine for every 30 people.

* LIBYA: The UN suspects that 68 percent of all arable land contains mines for World War II.

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