1929: White women win right to vote.

1941: Women allowed full membership in African National Congress.

1955: ANC Freedom Charter reflects commitment to non-sexist thinking.

1956: March in Pretoria by 20,000 women against pass laws.

1979: Divorce Act strengthens women's rights in marriage.

1980: Women's Bureau created as independent watchdog group.

1984: Matrimonial Property Act gives equal legal and economic status in marriage to white, Asian, mixed race women; 1988 amendment gives same to black women.

1990: ANC executive acknowledges the need for women to be represented in leadership and decisionmaking bodies. Legislation grants the right to maintenance on the death of a spouse.

1992: Women's National Coalition formed. Legislation abolishes rule that a married woman follows domicile of her husband.

1993: Government, ANC, Inkatha Freedom Party, and Democratic Party publish draft bills of rights enshrining gender equality.

1994: First democratic ballot scheduled. Black women will vote for the first time.

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