Public Response and Speculation After Waco

The Opinion page article "The Tragedy After Waco - Public Response," April 27, is one of the best articles I have read so far following the recent Waco tragedy.

It asks the worthy question: Why were agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in Waco, Texas? It seems that the government has now presented the public with reports of possible child abuse. Though a heinous crime, child abuse is not a federal offense and should not have been dealt with by federal officers.

Furthermore, a group in possession of illegal firearms does not warrant becoming the target of a 51-day siege by government officers, followed by death. Such details support the valid question: Why was this religious group singled out for onslaught of the government? It is even more disturbing that the public is accepting the outcome. Sarah Taylor, Portland, Ore.

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