Justice for abused children

Your editorial "Child Abuse and Vigilante `Justice'," April 15, presents a "high minded" view from the comfortable height of the ivory tower.

However, you entirely neglect the cause of the vigilante justice administered at the hands of the frustrated mother who summarily executed the previously convicted child molester recently charged with molesting several more children, including her son.

Having been in the "trenches" representing young, helpless victims of child molesters, I understand the great frustration with the law enforcement and justice systems when they continue to fail child victims time and time again.

Until the system shows that it can work quickly and effectively in this volatile field, I believe we will continue to face the possibility that child predators who "smirk" at their victims while awaiting "kid glove" treatment in the legal system will die at the hands of their victims. David J. Reese, Reno, Nev.

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