Don't meddle with mining law

The article "Congress Considers Reform of Outdated, Costly Mining Law," March 16, is misleading. The author says, "The law helped populate the West by encouraging an industry that meant many thousands of jobs, and it also brought a steady stream of income to federal and state treasuries through business and personal income taxes." This is only part of the truth. The minerals and metals of the West built the East and gave the people of the United States and other countries all the necessities for construc tion, transportation, and entertainment.

Public revenue will be lost if these anti-mining bills are passed. There will be loss of jobs, including mining engineers, laborers, truckers, manufacturers of mining equipment, and heavy-duty operators. Look what has happened to the lumber industry. In the past, mining companies have created problems, but they are minor compared with the contamination created in the past and present by industries in the East. Jack Hall, Palmdale, Calif.

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