1948: Kinsey Report presents first major survey of homosexual behavior in US.

1961: Illinois becomes first state to decriminalize homosexual acts between consenting adults.

1967: First US gay protest march, against Los Angeles Police Department.

1969: Police raid on gay bar in New York City prompts three days of riots.

1973: American Psychiatric Society removes homosexuality from list of mental illnesses.

1975: US Civil Service Commission rules that homosexuals can serve as federal employees.

1979: First march on Washington for gay rights.

1982: Wisconsin becomes first state to pass comprehensive law banning discrimination against homosexuals.

1986: Supreme Court upholds Georgia sodomy law.

1987: Second gay-rights march on Washington.

1989: Massachusetts passes comprehensive law prohibiting discrimination against homosexuals.

1990: President Bush signs Hate Crimes Statistics Act, first federal law to include "sexual orientation."

1992: Bill Clinton wins more than 70 percent of homosexual vote.

1993: President Clinton meets with gay-rights leaders at White House.

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