Help the children

Regarding the article "Congress, Administration Move to Keep Abortion Clinics Open," March 25: The killing of Dr. David Gunn, a man dedicated to legally serving women who choose not to have unwanted babies, is tragic.

I have read nothing about the right-to-life advocates being concerned about these women, nor about the many unwanted babies. How sad that all the energy that goes into shouting at clinic patients, mobilizing blockades, throwing bombs, and setting fires, cannot be channeled into concern about babies already born who desperately need help.

I would like to see right-to-life advocates organizing daycare or after-school childcare centers, mentoring, or tutoring young people, joining Big Brothers/Sisters organizations, working with abandoned AIDS babies in hospitals, and working with physically disabled youngsters.

I advocate sponsoring more health clinics to include birth-control education and service. This would go a long way toward helping stem the need for abortions in the first place. Sarah G. Epstein, Washington

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