West's Federal Grazing Fees

We are outraged that President Clinton has consented to continue federal handouts for the rape of our public lands by the cattle, timber, and mining industries. These subsidies were introduced in the late 1800s under the guise of incentives to "conquer the West." They were destructive and costly then, and they are devastating and exorbitant now.

Clearcutting of ancient growth forests by the timber industry destroys wildlife habitats, prevents replenishment of groundwater supplies, and promotes climatic upheavals. Extraction of precious minerals denies vital resources to our future generations. The loss of income from these national resources contributes to the national debt we are dumping on our children.

Short-term profits by powerful special interests winning over long-term needs of our nation could be dismissed as "corrupt politics as usual." This particular case of corruption is being perpetuated by the very president who won our votes by promising to end it. Alex Hershaft, Bethesda, Md. President Farm Animal Reform Movement

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