Publishing Society Folds World Monitor Magazine

THE Christian Science Publishing Society announced Friday that it will discontinue publication of its monthly news magazine, World Monitor: The Christian Science Monitor Monthly, with the May 1993 issue. Officials cited insufficient revenues from the magazine as the reason for the shutdown.

"World Monitor was expected to break even three years after its launch in October 1988," said Al Carnesciali, manager of the Publishing Society, in a written statement. "That goal was not achieved and it appears doubtful it would be reached for several more years."

Mr. Carnesciali said that a recent study recommended either a relaunch of the magazine with revised editorial content or closing. "Given the current state of the magazine industry and the challenges inherent in a relaunch, ceasing publication is a prudent step."

The closing affects fewer than 25 employees and will not affect The Christian Science Monitor daily newspaper or the Monitor's domestic and shortwave radio broadcasts, the Publishing Society said. "We will be concentrating attention on the daily newspaper and continuing to enrich its value to readers," said Miles Harbur, the Publishing Society's chief operating officer.

Carnesciali praised the efforts of Earl Foell, the magazine's editor in chief and former editor of The Christian Science Monitor. "We owe [him] a special debt of gratitude," Carnesciali said. "Earl's excellent news sense helped him develop legendary news sources around the world." He said the magazine's staff "has performed with distinction."

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