There was little relief in sight March 23 for Bosnian Muslims. Rebel Serbs blocked a United Nations aid convoy headed for Srebenica in eastern Bosnia and prevented refugees from leaving the Muslim enclave. The international airlift into Sarajevo also remained suspended for a fourth day because of heavy fighting near the Bosnian capital's airport. "We seem to be at a stalemate just about everywhere," said Sylvana Foa, spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva. She added, however, tha t United States airdrops of food and medicine have saved many lives. Discount air travel

Federal Judge Marvin Shoob approved a $458 million settlement March 22 of a lawsuit accusing the nation's biggest airlines of collusion in setting ticket prices. The settlement will provide discount travel vouchers to an estimated 12 million people who flew on Delta, United, American, USAir, Pan Am, Continental, Midway, Northwest, and Trans World Airlines in 1988-1992. Sessions to go?

President Clinton wants to replace embattled FBI Director William Sessions with Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Richard Stearns, several newspapers reported March 23. Judge Stearns is a former Rhodes Scholar and longtime friend of the president. Mr. Sessions has been accused of ethics violations while in office. School funding changes

Tennessee's Supreme Court ruled March 22 that the state's method of distributing education money shortchanges rural schools. Afterwards, an attorney for the rural schools said he will seek a court order requiring the Legislature to come up with $445 million more in school spending. The suit was one of many filed around the nation challenging current state formulas for funding education. Shuttle flight delayed

Columbia's flight has been put off for at least three weeks while NASA tries to get to the bottom of an engine shutdown that aborted the shuttle launch three seconds from liftoff. Shuttle officials hope to decide by the end of this week whether to bump shuttle Discovery ahead of Columbia. Discovery already is on NASA's other launch pad, where it is being readied for liftoff around April 7. `Crying' writer smiles

Irish filmmaker Neil Jordan won the Writers Guild of America award for best original screenplay March 22 for "The Crying Game," a thriller about the IRA. The award for best screenplay based on material previously produced or published went to Michael Tolkin for "The Player," a biting satire on Hollywood. `Dateline' producer quits

The top producer of NBC's troubled "Dateline" prime-time news show quit March 22, along with two other journalists who were involved in a story that rigged an explosion of a General Motors pickup truck. An inquiry by two outside lawyers hired by NBC blamed the episode on bad judgments and violations of basic news-gathering standards and the company's guidelines. Mexico City votes

Few residents of Mexico City turned out to vote, but those who did said in a nonbinding plebiscite March 21 that they favor statehood and democratically elected leaders for their city. With all but 2 percent of the vote counted, 84 percent said they favor direct elections for local officials and 66 percent said the Federal District, as the city is known formally, should become the 32nd state. Barely 6 percent of the city's eligible voters participated. China rules out talks

Chinese Foreign Minister Qian Qichen on March 23 ruled out immediate talks with his British counterpart on the nasty dispute over Hong Kong's political future. China opposes Gov. Chris Patten's proposal to broaden the electorate for legislative elections before the British colony is returned to China in 1997.

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