US Continues Airdrops Into Eastern Bosnia

UNITED States Air Force cargo planes sent more than 21,000 meals and half a ton of medical supplies hurtling into eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina March 2 in a second airdrop primarily intended for Muslims who have been cut off from humanitarian assistance.

The most direct US intervention in the Bosnian war so far, the airdrops aim to bring relief to the embattled Muslims, but it was not clear whether the supplies reached their intended recipients. Many bundles dropped on the first mission on Feb. 28 were said to have missed the target, landing mostly in territory controlled by Serbs.

In all, six planeloads of food and medicine have been parachuted into eastern Bosnia.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees spokesman Ron Redmond said March 2 that ham radio operators were reporting that some Muslims were killed by Serbian snipers while trying to pick up the food packages.

He said there was no way to verify the ham radio reports. Bosnian authorities were telling people to wait until nightfall before searching for the aid parcels, he said.

Bosnia's Muslim government in Sarajevo said March 1 that the first drop appeared a total failure.

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