The UN's Moral Authority

Regarding the Opinion page article "US Should Avoid Squandering UN's Moral Authority," Feb. 12: This excellent article serves as an overdue warning to our policymakers that undermining the United Nations will have disastrous affects on the security of the world, including the United States. We righteously demand that Saddam Hussein comply with all UN resolutions. Apparently it does not concern us that Israel has never complied with UN resolutions requiring Israel to vacate the occupied Arab territories. Nor did we bow to the conscience of the world community a few years back when we were rebuked by the World Court over the mining of Nicaragua's harbors.

Our selectiveness in respecting the resolutions of the Security Council and cavalier flouting of the World Court, not only undermine the authority of these worthy institutions but tarnish the respect that the US would like to command in the courts of world opinion. Eleanor M. Allen, Montclair, N.J. The GOP and abortion

Regarding the editorial "Warning Shot at GOP," Feb. 1: I find offensive the equation of opposition to abortion on the GOP platform with clinging "to zealotry masquerading as principle." Such a disparaging remark smacks of the very tone of Patrick Buchanan's speech at the convention, which the writer as well as this reader found offensive. Supporters of a particular party are not likely to agree on all issues. Insulting remarks, however, on either side of the abortion issue are unlikely to win converts. Anne Weiss, St. Petersburg, Pa. A national health-care plan

Regarding the editorial "The 42nd President," Jan. 20: We hope that the new national health-care plan respects the person and conscience of individuals, which will be a departure from past encroachments of medical mandates. Certainly, unnecessary surgeries should not be a part of the paid program. David McKnight, Ankeny, Iowa

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